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Bonny shade has one major goal:

change. the. world.

Seems pretty simple, right?


Bonny Shade is changing the lives of student leaders and professionals by telling purposeful and impactful stories that educate, motivate, and inspire through in-depth keynotes, workshops, and education.

Bonny has some major goals: end campus based sexual violence, empower women, and build better communities. As a professional speaker and researcher in these topics, she provides audiences with real, tangible, and interesting tactics they can use to understand the big picture and impact their communities.

Through her keynotes, workshops, and curriculum design, Bonny focuses on education that changes the perspective of her audience members by developing an honest connection and exposing preconceived beliefs before diving in to new material.

As a survivor of sexual violence, she fights daily for survivors stories to be heard, believed, and understood. She is telling her own story to empower and educate others. Bonny lives an authentic life and isn't afraid to discuss the uncomfortable topics, stories, or real life scenarios. Her favorite quote is, "there is still much to be done, let us not lose sight," and she uses that concept as a core concept for her work. It’s time to build something honest, epic, and brave.

With nearly 10 years of experience in education, Bonny works with all ages to solve life's problems and ask you one BIG question: How can I support you? Annually, she speaks to over 15,000 students and professionals about the topics of sexual violence, women's empowerment, and developing community and true relationships. 

She received her Bachelors degree in Biology and Education from Florida Gulf Coast University and her Master's degree from Bowling Green State University. She also has a leadership certificate in Design Thinking, a human centered approach to problem solving. She has won multiple awards from inter/national organizations for her work with fraternity and sorority members and college students, focusing on holistic development.

When she is not speaking, Bonny enjoys spending time with her dogs and partner in their home city of Charlotte, NC, volunteering for her national organization, Zeta Tau Alpha, and collecting stamps in her passport. Bonny also serves as a partner and Chief Culture Officer for ForCollegerForLife, a national speaking agency. Follow along with Bonny on her travels and get some inspiration by following her on social media @BonnyShadeBB.


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Just Another Assault.

Bonny is a survivor of sexual assault.  An assault by her close college friend.  It took her more than seven years to realize it.

In her powerful program, Just Another Assault, Bonny takes an in-depth look at issues surrounding assault, rape culture, consent, and healing. She describes how her personal journey has involved understanding acquaintance-based assaults, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and sharing her experience to help others find the truth in their own. 

1-in-4 college students will be survivors of sexual assault.  It is not only an issue for the victim or the campus community; this is an issue for us all.  Bonny strives to deliver a thought-provoking and interactive program which is intended to allow the space for audiences to discuss the uncomfortable and equip audience members with realistic intervention strategies. And, for survivors to know they are not just another assault.

(Note: This program can be tailored to all-male audiences, as well.)

Outcomes:  Audiences will explore 2-3 tangible examples of intervention techniques to reduce rape culture and assaults on campus; evaluate their own “Sexual Conduct Bias”; differentiate assault-based topics such as consent, gender norms, and social norming. 

Ideal Audiences: Sorority Life, Women’s Empowerment, Sexual Assault Training, Residence Life, Orientation, First Year Experience

From here on out. (Wings-N-Things) 

Building a cohesive community is easier said than done. Everyone has different goals, agendas, fears, and desires; yet building community is an expectation of our experiences in an institution, organization, or group of which we are a member. This desire even extends to our professional settings. It's a daunting task. But, what if building this community could all start with something as simple as eating wings? 

In this interactive and conversation-based keynote, Bonny explores four simple steps to building a community based around trust, understanding, and friendships. Participants will discuss barriers to building community and start building plans to create a space where all members feel valued and welcomed. A sense of genuine belonging is a human necessity. If we expect greatness from our members or colleagues, then we need to create an environment that enables success. Participants will learn how to make "Community" a standard that everyone wants to meet. 

Outcomes: Attendees will learn two to three tangible ways to reach out and collaborate with/across councils and organizations; explore guiding philosophies and principles behind creating community; establish these guiding philosophies in their personal and professional life; create an action/aspiration plan to create community based around their  passions (competition, philanthropy, values) to develop and better the overal group experience.  

Ideal Audiences: Greek communities, student organizations, large group settings, professional organizations, corporate companies.

Hustle 'till you don't have to introduce yourself. 

Being a woman is hard; being a female leader is even harder. We are called bossy, uptight, and bitchy and it’s time we reclaim these words and turn them into positive attributes. The world needs more confident women who are empowered to act, motivate, and inspire. In order to do that, we have to unlearn some of the things we think make us appear successful. It's time to step out of the box and learn how to be the confident woman we all want to be.

Bonny shares her story of experiencing bullying, being shamed, and lacking confidence.  She consistently returns to a powerful worldview: I am worthy just the way I am.  Let’s let our confidence shine!

We have give up some things about our lives that make us feel great in order to grow. It's uncomfortable; and if it's not uncomfortable, we are not going deep enough. It’s time that we stop being busy, start being patient, and always learn how to invest in yourself.  All while reminding yourself that YOU. ARE. WORTHY! 

 Outcomes: Attendees will understand why women "are the way we are"; articulate a strong sense of self awareness; explore the three key element of being worthy; develop real and authentic connections with colleagues; investigate essential components to networking, authenticity, and work ethic.

Ideal Audiences: Women's organizations, Women's colleges, company events, Greek organizations, large group settings, small group settings. 




What they're saying.

Want to see the video and read more? Check it out! 

Bonny has an uncanny ability to grab the attention of students and draw them in to topics and difficult conversations. She’s relatable and takes a “real world” approach to what is happening on college campuses today.
— Amber Jolly, Winthrop University
Bonny’s presentation is an authentic piece of work that engages and inspires her audience through relevant and relatable information. Bonny adds her own humor and twist, delivering a call to action for everyone to make a change in their own lives and communities.
— Sydney Rose, Organization Consultant
Bonny is a high energy speaker that really engages the audience. She is super fun and Real. She is interesting to listen to and she left me with awesome, realistic lessons.
— CCWL Attendee


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