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Bonny has an uncanny ability to grab the attention of students and draw them in to topics and difficult conversations. She’s relatable and takes a “real world” approach to what is happening on college campuses today.
— Amber J., Winthrop University
Bonny’s program completely changed the way I look at life, Sexual Assault, and survivorship. She elegantly took a harsh story and made it relatable, real, funny, and at times, heart wrenching. This topic is too important to not be heard or seen by everyone.
— Phillip W., WMU

Bonny’s presentation is an authentic piece of work that engages and inspires her audience through relevant and relatable information. Although a heavy topic, Bonny adds her own humor and twist, delivering a call to action for everyone to make a change in their own lives and in their communities to help put an end to sexual assault.
— Sydney R., Organization Consultant
The best component of Bonny’s presentation was the fact in the same brought the mood down to serious, but was able to captivate and engage the audience again with hilarious, but effective tactics.
— Sylmoneyvesta H., FGCU Student

It was an honor to hear Bonny’s Keynote! It changed my life. She is such a kick ass woman and role model in so many aspects of life. It’s impressive to see a woman so unapologetically herself.
— Savannah B., JMU
Bonny is a high energy speaker that really engages the audience. She is super fun and Real. She is interesting to listen to and she left me with awesome, realistic lessons.
— CCWL Attendee

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