About Bonny Shade.


Bonny Shade is changing the lives of student leaders and professionals by telling purposeful and impactful stories that educate, motivate, and inspire.

She has some major goals: end campus based sexual violence, empower women, and build better communities. As a professional speaker and researcher in these topics, she provides audiences with real, tangible, and interesting tactics they can use to understand big picture topics and make a change in their community.

Bonny focuses on purposeful education that changes and impacts her audience members. She focuses on connecting with her audience members and developing a common understanding and exposes preconceived notions before diving into new material.

As a survivor of sexual violence, she fights daily for survivors stories to be heard, believed, and understood; telling her story to empower others to share their own. She lives an authentic life and isn't afraid to discuss the uncomfortable topics, stories, or real life scenarios. Her favorite quote is, "there is still much to be done, let us not lose sight," and she uses that concept as a core tenant for all she does. Bonny is ready to help you build something honest, epic, and brave… Let’s get to it!

With nearly 10 years of experience in education, Bonny works with all ages to solve life's problems and ask you one BIG question: How can I support you? Annually, she speaks to over 15,000 students and professionals about the topics of sexual violence, women's empowerment, and developing community and true relationships. 

Bonny received her Bachelors degree in Biology and Education from Florida Gulf Coast University and her Master's degree from Bowling Green State University. She also has a leadership certificate in Design Thinking, a human centered approach to problem solving. She has won multiple awards from inter/national organizations for her work with fraternity and sorority members and college students, focusing on holistic development. Her education can be seen through her impactful keynotes, workshop, and curriculum design.

When Bonny is not speaking she enjoys spending time with her dogs and husband exploring her home city of Charlotte, NC, volunteering for her national sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and collecting stamps in her passport. You can follow along with allFollow her travels and some inspiration on social media @BonnyShadeBB.